What Democratic Town Committees Do

Every community in the state of Connecticut has an official organization that serves as the local branch of the Democratic Party called the Democratic Town Committee (DTC).  As political organizations, DTCs must comply with all applicable federal and state election laws, all rules and regulations established by the Connecticut Democratic State Central Committee, and their own committee bylaws. DTCs work actively throughout Connecticut to promote the principles of the Democratic Party and help elect Democratic candidates to public office.

The mission of the Lyme DTC is to strengthen the Democratic Party in the Town of Lyme and the state of Connecticut; and to encourage greater citizen participation in our Town government.  To accomplish this, the Lyme DTC:

  • promotes Democratic principles in government at the local level;
  • recruits and nominates Democratic candidates for local offices;
  • recruits and recommends Democratic appointees for local commissions, committees and boards;
  • supports the campaigns of local, state and national Democratic candidates during elections;
  • promotes voter registration and engagement;
  • educates residents about important local, state and federal issues; and
  • sponsors events and raises funds to help accomplish these functions.

The Lyme DTC meets on the third Thursday of every month at 7:30 in the Town Hall. These meetings are open to the public and all registered Democrats are encouraged to attend. For more information, please contact us at LymeCtDems@gmail.com.