Let’s Put 3 Great People on the Planning & Zoning Commission: Phyllis Ross, Mary Stone & Anne Littlefield

We need the experience of Phyllis Ross, Mary Stone and Anne Littlefield on our Planning & Zoning (P&Z) Commission. The P&Z Commission plays a critical role in our town’s governance and operations. 

The members of this commission write and enforce the town’s zoning and subdivision regulations, which enable the town to maintain its identity as a beautiful, historic, sparsely developed municipality.  The members of this commission also consider and review any special permit requests that residents may apply for, and make a final decision whether or not to approve such requests.

Phyllis, Mary and Anne are all highly qualified, dedicated individuals who love our town and whose expertise can benefit our P&Z Commission.  Phyllis is running for the commission; Mary and Anne are each running to be a commission alternate. You can see their qualifications here. They’re exactly the kind of people we need working on behalf of our town.

Be a voter – either at Town Hall on Nov. 2 or by absentee ballot.  Let’s elect Phyllis Ross to the Planning & Zoning Commission, and Mary Stone and Anne Littlefield as our Planning & Zoning Commission Alternates.