Report on the Recent “Blumenthal for Connecticut” Reception in Lyme

“He has a huge heart, an amazing work ethic, and the ability to remember that we still need him back home.” These were the words spoken by Lyndon Haviland, who introduced Senator Blumenthal at a reception in Lyme, on Sunday, June 30. The “Blumenthal for Connecticut” event was held to recognize and show support for Connecticut’s senior senator, who has served in the U.S. Senate since January of 2011.

Currently in his second term, Senator Blumenthal has served on many committees including the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, as well as the Judiciary, Armed Services, and Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committees. He has been a vocal advocate and created legislation in support of civil rights, gun reform and women’s rights, as well as other important issues of the day.

At the event, the senator spoke to a crowd of around 30 people about what he has accomplished, what he plans to do, and how Democrats can win local elections as well as the 2020 presidential election, if the party remains unified.

Coming to the stage after being introduced, he immediately spoke of the horrors occurring at the Mexican border. “What is happening at the border is a national health crisis and must be treated as such,” he said, receiving quiet affirmations from the listeners. In addition to the border crisis, he went on to address the assault on women’s rights, climate change, gun violence and other issues he feels the president is ignoring.

Speaking of why it is vital for him to be reelected in 2022, Blumenthal reiterated the importance of taking back the Senate — to which he received applause from the audience.

At that point, the senator took questions – which ranged from concerns about Democratic fiscal responsibility, to winning the 2020 presidential election, to specific crimes the president has been accused of committing while in office. Blumenthal reminded the audience that he was in the process of suing Trump for breaching the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and that his case was granted discovery, meaning there would be further evidence reviewed from the opposing party.

One of the recurring topics of discussion throughout was concern about the outcome of the 2020 elections. Some audience members worried that the Democratic party was not presenting a unified message on specific ideas such as healthcare. Senator Blumenthal told the crowd that “if Trump wins, it’s on us,” affirming it was essential that Democrats work together – with each other, not against each other – to win in the upcoming elections.

When the conversation moved to impeachment, Senator Blumenthal told the audience the country needed congressional hearings. With the Mueller report, he said, the people have “the book,” which they likely wouldn’t take the time to read; instead, what they need is to see “the movie,” which is what the hearings would be.

The senator finished by discussing the recent Supreme Court decision on gerrymandering. He once again stressed the importance of winning state races and going into historically red areas and fighting to win elections. Using March for Our Lives and Moms Demand Action as examples, Blumenthal spoke of the importance of citizen activism and the need to continue speaking out in all areas in order to ensure the government represents constituents’ concerns and beliefs.

NOTE:  This article was written by Sadie Frankel, a student at Lyme-Old Lyme High School, and originally appeared on the Lyme DTC Facebook page.