Our Team

We are running a slate of eight highly qualified individuals in November who will help ensure that our Town boards and commissions reflect democratic values and practice the principles of good government.

Six of these individuals are running for reelection and are already well-known for the contributions they’ve made to our town government.  The other two are running for the first time after having served the Town well in appointed positions.

All of our candidates share the values we believe in and possess a strong desire to serve the town they love.

Electing Democrats is of vital importance this year in light of the recent book-censorship efforts that have taken aim at our public libraries and could soon evolve to target our school libraries.  To counteract such efforts, we need your support to elect John Kiker to the Library Board of Directors and Gavin Lodge to the Board of Education. John and Gavin will represent us well on these boards and work hard to protect the policies of our public libraries and school libraries, as well as fight any attempts to institute book bans.

On the ballot, in the “Selectmen” column, please vote for either John Kiker or Kristina White for Selectman (voters can only choose one), then vote the rest of Row “A” to elect the rest of the Democratic slate:

To learn more about a particular candidate’s qualifications and history of service to our Town, click on their names.