What Democratic Town Committees Do

Every community in the state of Connecticut has an official organization that serves as the local branch of the Democratic Party called the Democratic Town Committee (DTC).  As political organizations, DTCs must comply with all applicable federal and state election laws, all rules and regulations established by the Connecticut Democratic […]

Government by Town Meeting

The Town of Lyme practices a form of local government that is common in many New England states called Town Meeting. The term itself may appear initially confusing because it indicates both the specific form of local government Lyme uses (“Town Meeting”) and the annual event or events that are […]

Lyme is Run by Volunteers

While Lyme employs only a handful of full-time employees, in order to operate our Town government efficiently, more than 140 additional positions have to be staffed. All of these additional positions are filled by volunteers. Local residents volunteer to serve on the Town’s boards, committees and commissions; represent the Town […]

Run for Local or State Office as a Democrat

If you support the principles of the Democratic party – and are interested in running for local office, or serving on a local commission, committee or board – the Lyme Democratic Town Committee (DTC) is here to assist you. We exist, in part, to identify good Democratic candidates for local […]