Lyme DTC Announces Slate of Candidates To Run in November Municipal Elections

The Lyme Democratic Town Committee (DTC) announced today that, at a local Democratic caucus held Monday night, a slate of nine Democratic candidates was nominated and endorsed by the committee to run in the November 7 municipal elections.  The committee also announced that it would be actively encouraging Kristina White’s election to the Board of Selectmen as a petitioning candidate.

In announcing the candidate slate, Lyme DTC Nominating Committee Chairperson Liz Frankel explained, “Under state election law, a Town Committee may only nominate one candidate for First Selectman and one candidate for Selectman when the Board of Selectmen is composed of a First Selectman and two Selectmen.  The LDTC is not nominating a candidate for First Selectman this year, but would like to see John Kiker and Kristina White, who are both currently on the Board of Selectmen, elected as Selectpersons.  As a result, we nominated and endorsed John as our Selectman candidate and will be actively publicizing and urging Kristina’s election as a petitioning candidate.”

Running for election this year on the Democratic Party slate will be:

  • John Kiker for Board of Selectmen
  • Steve Mattson for Board of Finance
  • Jim Miller for Board of Finance
  • Adam McEwen for Board of Finance Alternate
  • Kristina White for Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Mary Stone for Planning & Zoning Commission Alternate
  • Anna James for Zoning Board of Appeals
  • John Kiker for Library Board of Directors
  • Gavin Lodge for Board of Education

Kristina White will appear on the ballot as a petitioning candidate.

Frankel said, “We’ve recruited a talented slate of individuals this year who are not only highly qualified, but extremely interested in serving the town we all love and cherish.”

The Lyme DTC’s mission is to support and strengthen the Democratic Party in the Town of Lyme and the State of Connecticut.