Letter: “House, Sheiness, Miller Understand Lyme Values, Communicate Well, Bring Wealth of Expertise; Elect Them to Board of Finance”

On October 28, Lymeline published the following letter from Lyme resident Phyllis Ross:

House, Sheiness, Miller Understand Lyme Values, Communicate Well, Bring Wealth of Expertise; Elect Them to Board of Finance

Lyme voters will be choosing three candidates for the Board of Finance. They will remember this past May when Republican board members went rogue and, without talking to relevant commissions, cut half the town’s funding for preservation of open space. Lyme citizens showed disapproval by overwhelmingly voting against cutting the Open Space Reserve Fund at the annual Town Meeting. 

Lyme residents should vote for Democrats Bob House and Alan Sheiness for Board of Finance and Jim Miller as an alternate. They understand the values of our town, communicate well with others and have a wealth of expertise in finance.  

Bob, with a Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics, served two years as a Board of Finance Alternate. He worked as a Senior Economist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture for over 20 years.    

Alan, with over 30 years of financial and executive management experience, held positions as a corporate controller and principal accounting officer. He is treasurer of Lyme Land Trust and a member of its finance committee.

Jim, with a MBA in Finance, has 20 years of experience as a commercial and investment banker with expertise in budgeting and forecasting. 

House, Sheiness and Miller are remarkably qualified to advise the Board of Selectmen. They will protect the things the town values while maintaining high quality services and controlling costs.

Rounding out our election slate this year are several other highly qualified, dedicated individuals who love our Town and whose expertise can benefit our boards and commissions.  They want Lyme to stay the beautiful, historic place that it is.  And they need your vote. (You can read about their qualifications and history of service to our Town on our website at www.lymedtc.com.)

    • Steven Mattson for First Selectman
    • John Kiker for Selectman
    • Fred Harger for Zoning Board of Appeals
    • Toni Phillips for Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate
    • Mary Stone for Library Board of Directors
    • Laura Mooney for Library Board of Directors
    • Anna James for Board of Education
    • John Kiker for Board of Assessment Appeals

Vote Row “A”!


Phyllis Ross,