How To Support Democratic Candidates during the New Hampshire Presidential Primary

The state‚Äôs Democratic Party has put together a list of ways that Connecticut residents can support the campaigns of Democratic candidates who are running in the upcoming New Hampshire Presidential Primary.  The list (see below) primarily consists of links that enable individuals to sign up for opportunities such as canvassing, phone banking, sign waving or other voter-outreach activities.  (Some activities are one-time events; others may be recurring.)

  • Michael Bennet:  Click here.
  • Joe Biden:  Click here.
  • Michael Bloomberg:  No outreach events identified.
  • Pete Buttigieg:  Click here.
  • John Delaney:  Click here.
  • Tulsi Gabbard:  Click herehere or here.
  • Amy Klobuchar:  Click here.
  • Deval Patrick:  Click here.
  • Bernie Sanders:  Click here and here.
  • Tom Steyer:  Click here.
  • Elizabeth Warren:  Click here.
  • Andrew Yang:  Click here.