Letter to the Editor: “Lyme Would Benefit from House’s Skill Set”

On Oct. 23, “The Day” published the following letter to the editor:

Voters in Lyme who are looking for intelligence and expertise in their candidates for town office may want to give a good, hard look at a new face − Bob House. House is running for Alternate on the Board of Finance, and he brings several specific assets. 

Bob served as senior economist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service for more than 20 years. Later, he served as a consultant for the Environmental Defense Fund on farm policies. 

As a result, along with both a Ph.D. and an MA in economics with a focus on public finance from Rice University, Bob brings deep experience and expertise in economic analysis, policy analysis and project development to the work of the Board of Finance. 

Bob House is uniquely qualified to serve the town in this capacity. And, his election would provide voters uncommon, good sense, deep experience and excellent judgment in the coming, challenging years. 

Lyme needs more experienced residents like Bob House to represent the interests of all of us. He has the insight and integrity for the job.

This year, I suggest you vote for Bob House for Alternate to the Board of Finance. Bob brings new talent to the ranks of Lyme’s public servants.

Greg Melville