Letter to the Editor: “Elect Tyler, a Highly Qualified Candidate…”

On Oct. 14, “The Day” published the following letter to the editor:

As a resident of Lyme for 60 years I never thought I’d see the day that Democrats would outnumber Republicans. That may be the reason Democrats have often not contested board positions in municipal elections. Times change.

Not only have more residents registered with the Democratic Party, but the quality of those residents is astounding. For example, I write this letter to the editor to recommend to my friends and neighbors in Lyme, Susan Tyler for Board of Finance Alternate. Not only was Susan first deputy director of the New York State Division of the Budget, but, among other important positions held, also the Legislative Budget Analyst for the Ways and Means Committee of the New York Legislature. In addition, she has owned and run, with a 40-member staff, a multimedia business-to-business company.

With candidates like Susan Tyler, willing to offer their expertise, Lyme will surely fill its boards and commissions with remarkable members. How lucky are we? Please vote, with me, on Nov. 5 for Susan Tyler for Board of Finance Alternate.

Susan Budlong Cole