Elect Susan Tyler as Board of Finance Alternate

We need Susan Tyler’s experience on our Board of Finance.

Susan is a highly qualified, dedicated individual who loves our town and whose expertise can really benefit our Board of Finance.

The Board of Finance plays a critical role in our town’s governance and operations.  The members of this board oversee and propose the town’s budget and spending plan, and decide on the Mill rate that is used to compute the annual property tax.  The members of this board review the town’s progress in meeting its financial goals and obligations; manage the independent auditor who monitors and reviews the town’s financial reporting; and work closely with the Board of Selectmen in setting strategies for future expenditures.

Look at Susan’s qualifications:

  • Excellent budget expertise and experience, and history of community involvement.
  • Served as the first deputy director and deputy director of the New York State Division of the Budget, where she supervised the development and execution of the state’s multibillion-dollar budget under Governor Mario Cuomo.
  • Later served as owner and vice president of NTP Media, a successful business-to-business communications company and publisher of business magazines.
  • Served as a board member and treasurer of High Hopes Therapeutic Riding, where she helped guide the development of a five-year financial plan.
  • Member of the Hadlyme Ferry Historic District Commission since 2009.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Estuary Transit District since 2016.
  • Treasurer of the Hadlyme Hall Garden Club from 2015-2018 and Common Good Gardens from 2011-2018.

She’s someone we need working on behalf of our town.

Be a voter on Nov. 5.  Elect Susan Tyler as Board of Finance Alternate.